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Pusha T Calls Out Business for Racist Practices

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It seems as Clipse member, Pusha T must have received the less than royal treatment the other night at a lounge in Virginia Beach. Many of us have been in this same predicament where a lounge and/or club seems to cater to a certain clientele. I wasn’t there in this particular instance so I don’t know what happened but this story from Pusha T sounds quite familiar.

The Virginia rapper took to his Twitter and Instagram pages to expose what he feels was racist behavior by the lounge Venue 112. Here is Pusha T’s message he posted on Instagram along with a picture of a series of tweets he posted as well.

“Last night should’ve never happened @venue112 . These “imaginary guest list” u impose on potential black patrons is a slap in the face to the Great Neck community, Virginia Beach, and the 757 as a whole. My phone has been ringing since 6am with stories abt your racist ways. A history of reviews online and on social media share in a seamless thread of bigotry involving your establishment. I will never come there again. You didn’t know me last night but u will learn everything abt me. And u will correct this wrong.

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Pusha also posted a picture of the one the doormen that was involved and is employed by Venue 112 along with another statement explaining the exclusion practices in more detail.Pusha T Calls Out Business for Racist Practices

“You whispered a little too loud last night @jlinds112 @venue112 we heard u tell your doorman, “tell them we are on guest list only tonight.” Unfortunately your other worker had already put the band on my friends wrist and wasn’t hip to your racially motivated instructions. Doormen, we aren’t angry with u. You were only doing your job and as doormen u are to do what you are told, i understand. You will correct this wrong with me, I eat breakfast in the area most mornings as well as workout extremely close by. Ask around abt me. @wtkr3 @wavy_news @103jamzradio @z104fans @hot91online”
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Since calling Venue 112, the lounge has locked their Instagram page due to the amount of backlash they have received.  This isn’t the first time Venue 112 has been accused of racist practices as many patrons have posted about this same sort of treatment in the past via social media.



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