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What Pundits Are Saying on Twitter Regarding the State of the Union


Obama-State-of-the-Union-2014-Predictions-and-Expectations-650x433In the State of the Union tonight, President Obama laid out his vision for America and made clear that his top priority is improving the economic security of the middle class and those fighting to get into the middle class. The President will work with Congress and act on his own, to ensure that every American can get ahead.

Here’s what top pundits, reporters and a few Republicans are saying about the President’s State of the Union:

@KellyO: Ok that was the loudest standing O and gallery guests were on their feet too. Doesn’t happen often. Women’s equal pay.

@freedlander: very smart framing on –taxpayers who are now not getting the benefits they deserve

@DanaPerino: I agree with the president about the infrastructure . We really need to get on the stick. #foxnewschat

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