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Public Radio App turns iPhone into radio recorder

If you are a fan of public radio you will to give a iPhone app a drive. The application, simply named Public Radio App, allows you to listen to live steams of public across the country. It can even find local stations using the ’s integrated GPS and you can even access integrated program schedules for every station.

Radio-AppWhat makes Public Radio App really powerful is its TiVo-like controls which allows you to pause, rewind and fast forward a live stream. The recording controls can also be with the on- radio programs available. The key thing to note is that the TiVo-like controls only work while you have an active Internet connection. Upon choosing a program or a segment you will be taking to the associated web page you can browse even more .

If you are an avid public radio listener you will want to get your hand s on this application. At $2.99 it is really a bargain considering its powerful features and recording capabilities. Searching for local stations through GPS rather than spinning your radio dial is perfect for the frequent traveler. [source]

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