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Pra Records to Release Randy Crawford & Joe Sample Live CD

 width=Randy Crawford and Sample have been making
music together in one form or another for nearly 36 years.
From their first hit together in 1979, “Street Life” (which
Randy sang with Joe and The Crusaders) to “One Day I’ll
Fly Away,” “When Your Life Was Low” and “
at Danceland,” to their recent duo on the
GRAMMY ®-nominated CDs Feeling Good (2006) and No
Regrets (2008), they’ve made music that people re-
member. They remember the songs. They remember the
melodies. But above all, they remember Randy’s incred-
ible voice ““ and Randy’s voice is truly one of the most
memorable of all the today.

To hear Randy’s voice “ in concert” is another thing
all together. “For years people have asked me why I
don’t release a live recording,” says Randy. “I’m not
sure myself. But I’ve got one now, and I hope you are as
thrilled as I am to hear it.”

Recorded on tour in with Joe on the piano joined
by his son Nicklas Sample on upright bass and the
incomparable Steve Gadd on drums, LIVE is a true gem.
The album contains Randy’s and Joe‘s classics “Street
Life,” “Almaz” and “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” as well
as choice tracks from their recent duo studio releases
Feeling Good and No Regrets ““ “Everyday I Have the
Blues,” “Me, Myself and I” and Randy’s of the
Edith Piaf classic “No Regrets.”

Randy shows – without a doubt – that she is one of today’s premier song stylists, and clearly stakes her claim as

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