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Podcast Port FIRST Show Premiere “The Point of View” with Jerry D Fenner, Stacy D and Sterling Stevenson


The Point of View

“It’s what REAL MEN”¦REALLY talk about!”>

Quiet Storm Radio Veterans Jerry D Fenner and Stacy D, along with Sterling Stevenson would like to welcome you to a unique program about what REAL MEN…REALLY talk about! Along with the smoothest music of any evening show, it’s everything women think Men don’t talk about. While targeting our core demographics of women 25-44, our podcast, Facebook and online station, “Oldskool101.com,” we have consistently shown a steady audience of 25-54 with 68% women.

 width=Affectionately named “Three the Hard Way,” the men of The , are ready to take this program to a level never reached by any other Quiet Storm based, evening program. Imagine five nights a week of , featuring mature and experienced radio veterans”¦not to mention three of the smoothest voices in the industry. Consideration should be made for The Point of View. Don’t let the competition consider first!

: The Point of View at: 321-356-8748

EMAIL: [email protected].

FACEBOOK: The Point of View on Facebook!

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  1. Man if I had a voice like these guys I could get me some work in Radio!
    Great Show guys I hope there are some stations Bold enough or smart enough to give it some AIR! Keep it moving!

  2. I love this show I hope and pray you guys have more than just one night a week I look forward to it. Take Care fellas ~ Priscilla

  3. Great show guys. I love feeling like a “fly-on-the-wall” during your introspective discussions. Keep up the good work.

  4. The radio show is awesome. The guys really hold it down by discussing topics that make you think and say hmmmmm! This show is what radio needs. Great job!

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