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Plies Talks about Being Cut From the Final Edit of "Love In the Club"

’s hit song “Love in This Club” now has a hit remix featuring fellow superstars BeyonceThe image and Lil Wayne. In another incarnation of the sexy club song, however, rapper and singing diva Mariah Carey filled in the cameos. (to Usher’s defense, he stated during a interview that he did not make the final choices in who was to be on the mixes).

“At the time, it was conveyed to me that it was supposed to be Usher, Mariah Carey and me,” Plies told about how he recorded two verses for the remix. “Obviously, that was a no-brainer as far as putting what I had to do. … I sent two verses to them. Then I get a call from a friend of mine at a radio station that they was getting ready to go with the record, but the version they had didn’t have me on it.” But the Florida native wasn’t upset about being cut from the final released version. “For me, I never allow myself to ever take anything personal in this business,” Plies says. “I know a lot of times [there’s] so much political stuff tied into a decision. It was good [for] me, because I got a call from Usher, and he let me know he was clear about the situation. He loved the verse, he loved the record, but on their end, they ended up going with the version they went with. For Usher to even consider me to be a part of the situation, that was good enough for me.”

The “Bust it ” star, though, is far from hurting for stars to collaborate with. On his album Definition of Real – to be released this Tuesday – Plies has Janet Jackson, Cole, , and others appearing on his tracks. The rapper is also looking forward to working with singer/songwriter Ne-Yo in the near future. “To have the dude that has forced his will on this , whether it’s from the songwriting side or singing his own #1 records … for me,
he’s a person I always wanted to work with,” he said of the winner. “He’s just a person I didn’t think I would get a chance to work with this early in my career.” [source]