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Petition to Remove Don Lemon from CNN almost at 100% Signature Goal within 24 Hours


You can certainly ignore people who don’t like you but it’s hard to do that when the number reaches 30,000. (Petition signatures to remove Lemon from CNN)

It’s very hard to tell who’s playing who in the CNN and Don Lemon debacle. The lines have become quite blurred when one asks is CNN using Don as a pawn in their ratings game to compete against FOX, align themselves or BOTH with the notorious “news” channel? In addition, are they attempting to do it with the most unlikely candidate, a black (gay) man. For Don this is a dangerous position to be in. Is it possible for a black gay man to be a conservative? If so, I’ve never met one but I have met a few black gay men and women who are completely disconnected from the black community, mostly because of the homophobia, childhood bullying and a lifetime of religious and community rejection. On the other hand, one may also ponder is this a situation where CNN has given Lemon carte blanche to do whatever he wants to do and now they can’t reel him back in.

I have been on urban radio’s case for almost a decade, especially Radio One when it comes to allowing jocks the freedom to be themselves. This is a situation that may clearly change my view on that concept notwithstanding that a station or a news outlet is only as good as the person who directs programming.

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  1. “To his credit, his disconnected history could certainly be the result of the childhood and/or lifetime of rejection as a gay black man by the black community and if this is the case, he would have a point. The black community can be outrageously homophobic.”

    KevRoss, you’re singling out black homophobia as if American society, in general, isn’t anti-gay. And you’re victim-blaming, charging blacks for Lemon’s “poorly disguised disdain for the black community.” You don’t know the actual roots of his self-hatred or anti-blackness, but perhaps it has the same basis as his homophobia: the white supremacy, patriarchy and heterosexism of general American society.

  2. Kevin,

    As much as I want to be angry with Mr. Lemon. I won’t waste or the energy. I just don’t/won’t look at CNN any more. I don’t think that it is right for us to expect Mr. Lemon to have a “pro black” viewpoint on a station that is owned by an elite corporation. Mr. Lemon is doing right by the money he makes as with so many other “so called” black media journalists. The elites needs a face like Mr Lemon’s. Fox News has several paid black analysts/news people as well that support the viewpoint of the “owners”. I think the issues should be more about African American ownership of NEWS outlets.. RADIO ONE NEEDS SOME COMPETITION…

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