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What Do the People in DC Think about DC Radio Right Now?

We’re curious about who you listen to the most on DC Radio. Are you finally warming up to Russ Parr? Is Donnie Simpson the prefect morning show always? Are  you listening to Tom on AM or the app. How about Quicksilver and Lil Mo, how are they doing.  How do you feel about Steve Harvey? Who do you like the best at this point. Let us know, feel free to comment.

russ_parr2011-med-wide Donnie-Simpson

QuickSilva and Lil Mo take DC (PRNewsFoto/Radio One, Inc.)
QuickSilva and Lil Mo take DC (PRNewsFoto/Radio One, Inc.)


Steve Harvey Morning Show

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  1. No I am still not listening to Russ Parr nor do I plan to change my mind! Donnie is on the afternoon drive and I occasionally listen to him but not with any consistency. AM radio is a JOKE! All I get is static. But! I do listen to the TJMS faithfully on his app. Thank God for technology.

    Rest in Peace Doug Banks!

    • You can also listen to TJMS on Baltimore’s Magic 95.9. The reception is a little better than on the AM station. However you can also go to Magic Baltimore’s website (magicbaltimore.com) and listen live as well as any other radio station/market and listen live on that station’s website.

  2. Kev,
    I listen to the dude Joe Clair every single morning! He’s the only morning guy on DC radio actually from the DC metro area. You should check him out. I think his numbers are good too.

  3. I listen to Yolanda Adams in the morning to get my inspirational start, then bounce over to Russ or Quick and Lil Moe during the commercial breaks. When I do stay on Russ it’s to see if he’s getting better or sucking like he normally does…when we worked together it always sucked.

    I’m gonna have to add Joe Clair to my commute…sound like he’s on to something….

    In the afternoon I like Donnie because I never got to hear him in the morning because of working the early shift so I’m engaged on the ride home.

    As for Tom if I had an HD radio in my truck I would listen more because the AM signal doesn’t work for me when it comes to music, talk/sports radio only.

    Just my 2 cents, but from what I’ve learned working in this market, the winds of change are seasonal….

  4. I am still bothered that they removed the TJMS, couldn’t believe it would happen and it did. I’ve listened to him for years, and his team gave me what I needed in the mornings, banter, jokes, weather, breaking news, It’s Your World,,,. Not feeling Steve Harvey in the mornings. He’s sounding full of himself and everyone sounding like they are catering to him. Not entertaining. I like his talk show and Family Feud, although the Feud is starting to be too much. Russ Parr is the default channel, but now I will try to find TJMS on the Baltimore channel. BRING BACK TJMS, please.

  5. Russ Parr SUCKssssssss !!! I have tried my best to listen to him, but each time I am forced to tune the dial. I hope Tom comes up with another way we can listen to him on a FM station. I miss you Tom and crew.

  6. I am devastated that the Yolanda Adams Morning Show is CANCELED!! As far as I am concerned, no one will ever replace her talents, which are many. To The Yolanda Adams TEAM MATES, I am so sorry for your loss. God’s word says “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” HOLD on to the PROMISE!

  7. I listen to Tom Joyner via app or 95.9 in the morning. In the afternoon Tony Mo & George I refuse to listen to 102.3 since they took Tom Joyner off.

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