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Pennies from Kevin: Neighbors from Hell

My neighbors renters and I the home I in next door. They have a dog that just had 7 puppies (mutt) three cats and he is a 40--old aspiring musician/drummer. He to talk to me about my connections so that he can get a break… They now have 10 animals in the and she told me the dog’s water broke on the couch. The dog is a single mother. They their dog out daily to sh… in my grass. I’ve actually watched them watch the dog do it. She brought me some cookies over day and I didn’t answer the door. I’m glad I didn’t, I would not have eaten the cookies but then I would have felt guilty about telling them to keep their dog off my grass. Renters and owners think differently, there was a time I hated subdivisions. They too isolated but now I them.

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