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Paragon Releases Second Annual Youth Radio and New Media Study

Denver, CO – fortified its position as the medium of convenience in Paragon Media Strategies’ Second Annual Youth & Study. In 2008, stemmed the erosion from the onslaught of new media documented in Paragon Media Strategies’ 2007 study. This study quantifiably trends how the generation of 25- year olds use radio and new media. We interviewed 409 respondents age 14-24 via an online .

“This year’s results of this on-going study can be considered great for radio, which hasn’t had a lot to celebrate lately with younger demos. 14 to 24 year old TSL to radio is up and radio continues to dominate in-car music listening. More younger listeners say they listening to radio “more” than “less” and that is a significant change from a year ago,” comments John Stevens, President & / Radio, Paragon Media Strategies.


Key indicators up for radio

– Time Spent Listening (TSL) increased in 2008

– Although a majority listens to music from sources other than radio, the percentage who list radio as their primary source of recorded music rebounded sharply in 2008.

– More people say they’re listening to radio “More” than “Less”, which is a reversal from 2007

In Car listening spearheads the increase in radio TSL

– Radio clearly dominates in-car music delivery with a substantial over CDs and iPod/ portable MP3 players

iPods and portable MP3 ownership and use is up substantially this year

– The number of songs on respondents’ iPods and the number of customized CDs they own has plateaued

– While iPod use has a negative impact on radio TSL, the effect was somewhat muted this year

Music is radio’s main draw for 14 to 24 year olds

– Getting turned on to new and different music as well as the variety of music radio offers are the primary reasons for listening to radio

– Radio challenges the Internet as the primary way to find out about new music

– Respondents’ desire for more new music on the radio increased in 2008

– Radio website usage is up this year

Use and ownership of all New Media measured continues to climb:

games up 10%

– Cell phone ownership up sharply

– Watching webcasts over the internet up

– 61% post audio or video for others to watch/hear

– 86% going to social networking sites”¦up nearly 20 percentage points from 2007

Answers to more questions and all results of the Youth Radio and New Media study are now online. Please visit our website. www.paragonmediastrategies.com