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Pandora Crosses 1 Million AAS In Triton November Rankings

has released its monthly Internet audio rankings for November 2011 and has reached a new milestone with over one million Average Active Sessions (AAS) during the work week. Just over one million AAS were recorded Monday – Friday (6a-8p) in the Domestic Rankings. In October, had over 975,000 AAS. ’s Session Starts during the work week crossed 416 million in November, compared to 348.1 million in October.

was ranked second for the Domestic Ranker, with 168,173 AAS and 71.4 million Session Starts. Radio came in third with 97,107 AAS and 28.9 million Session Starts. The top ten was filled out by , Slacker, Entercom, ESPN Radio, Radio, EMF Corporate and Digitally Imported.

Looking at the All Streams Ranker for November during the work week (M-F, 6a-8p), iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) was on top with 169,404 AAS. CBS Radio was ranked second, with Digitally Imported, Cumulus, Slacker, Prisa Radio, 977Music.com, Entercom, EMF and ESPN rounding out the top ten.

Pandora was also #1 for the Domestic Ranker for the full week (6a-midnight), with 893,749 AAS and 637.8 million Session Starts. iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) came in second, with CBS Radio still in third. Cumulus, Slacker, Entercom, ESPN, Digitally Imported, EMF and Cox fill out the top ten.

For the All Streams Ranker in the full week (6a-midnight), iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) is still #1 and CBS Radio in second, followed by Digitally Imported, Cumulus, Slacker, 977Music.com, Prisa, .fm Corporate, EMF and Entercom.