Pacman Jones Gets Into Brawl at Ludacris Function in Dallas

 src=Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman’ Jones has once again found himself embroiled in legal controversy, as the troubled NFL player is being investigated for his role in a late night brawl with his own bodyguard. The incident occurred Wednesday night at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, which was the location of a Ludacris-hosted party to promote the Mark Wahlberg movie “Max Payne”. Eyewitnesses report that police were called after an allegedly intoxicated Jones began to have a heated argument with his bodyguard, who was hired by the Dallas Cowboys to keep the newly reinstated cornerback out of trouble. Jones is then alleged to have threatened the bodyguard and began removing his jewelry in preparation for a fight. By the time police arrived, the brawl had begun taking place in the bathroom, where witnesses reported hearing punches being land ed and glass breaking. A security guard and police officers subsequently pulled the two men apart. According to the bodyguard, he was simply using the urinal when Jones struck him from behind, prompting the unidentified bodyguard to defend himself. Immediately after giving a brief statement to police, Jones fled the scene without paying the hotel tab. Since neither party nor the hotel filed a complaint, Dallas police Lieutenant Anthony William explained that no arrests could have been made despite the property damage, as reported by This past August, Adam “Pacman” Jones was reinstated from his April 2007 suspension by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodellin. As of last year, Jones has been arrested six times; most notably following a Las Vegas shooting that paralyzed one individual and left three wounded. At this time, it is unknown whether Jones will face any disciplinary action by the Cowboys organization and the NFL. ::Update:: Troubled cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones won’t be disciplined by the Dallas Cowboys for a scuffle with his bodyguard that team owner Jerry Jones said resulted from joking banter that got out of hand and was quickly settled. “They were literally kidding each other,” Jerry Jones said Thursday. “They were jiving around … and all of a sudden one of them starting saying some things, and here you go.” While not planning any discipline for Adam Jones, Jerry Jones acknowledged that he was “very disappointed in that we’re having to deal with this.” It remained unclear if the NFL planned any discipline. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a radio interview Thursday that the league was investigating the matter. He said he didn’t speak with Adam Jones individually during a previously scheduled meeting with the entire Cowboys team following their practice Wednesday. “I’m disappointed that we’re even discussing this at this point in time,” Goodell said on ESPN Radio. “But we’ll have to wait for the facts.” Jerry Jones said he already had all the facts, but that the NFL as part of its own investigation was talking to Adam Jones and Tommy Jones, the bodyguard who is part of a security detail provided by the team to be with the player at all times, reports the Associated Press. “With the availability of the information that I have right now, we don’t have club discipline in mind here,” Jerry Jones said.