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OVERDRAFT PROTECTION: Akon Signs Michael Jackson to Konvict Music?

http://kothelegend.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/akon.jpgR&B star will reportedly oversee music legend ’s comeback album. The “Smack That” singer has hinted that he has signed the King of Pop to his own label, Konvict Music. “When (Jackson’s) record comes out, read the label.” Akon told MTV.com.Meanwhile, Jackson has repaid the favor by lending his vocals to Akon’s new track, “Hold My Hand ,” which will be featured on the star’s forthcoming album Acquitted. The Senegal-born singer was reportedly so happy to have worked with Jackson that he could almost retire now, and insists that working with his childhood idol was the greatest moment of his career. “That was a dream come true. I had a wish list of all the collaborations I ever wanted to do. Mike was at the top,” Akon said. “I was saying, ‘Well, if ever I get to Mike, then that’ll be the sign I can retire.’ But I got to Mike 10 years earlier than I expected. So I decided not to make retirement goals anymore.” Akon has also scored collaborations with vocal legend Whitney Houston, on what might also be called a comeback album for the singer. One song, called “Like I Never Left” is garnering a lot of attention, with speculation that Whitney is singing to her singer ex-husband Bobby Brown. She sings, “Do you think we can pick up where we left off before the day / That I told you it was over, packed my things and moved away?” But Akon is adamant that the track was not written about anyone in particular. He tells MTV.com, “She’s not singing about nobody. She really ain’t (sic). Actually we switched some words around so people don’t think she was singing about Bobby. “This record is more of a record that anyone going through that situation would be able to relate to. It’s just the fact that she got out of a situation is what made it more relevant.”