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Over 40? Great Ways to Plan for Retirement NOW!!!

? Great Ways to Plan for Retirement NOW!!!

refinance home, debt consolidation, term life insuranceIf you are over 40 and not thinking about retirement, you are not being wise. 65 is not as far off as many of us would like this think and there are some things that we can do to prepare for the future now. Keep in mind you will NEVER get rich working for someone else, unless you are in upper management or you work in show business. If you are not doing one of the two then you better plan for your own retirement.


Get an Online College Degree…

refinance home, debt consolidation, term life insurance… or save a ton of money and go to your local community college. Many offer online classes. Some think taking classes online is harder but it’s not, for the older returning student, taking the classes online and the coursework are easier because you have learned a lot of the material just living life. Depending on your financial situation, by attending a local college you will either pay a very minimum fee for taking the classes or you can apply for grants… NO … we STRONGLY urge you not to make that mistake. For those of us who have done it, we know it NEVER comes off your report. Which brings us to the next post….Some online schools offer Online Associates Degree, Online Bachelors Degrees and more.. Do your research, schools like University of Phoenix are VERY overpriced and you can probably get the same education at a local college for MUCH less and still do it online. MAKE SURE THE SCHOOL IS ACCREDITED AND THAT YOUR CREDITS CAN TRANSFER…. GET IT IN WRITING.

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