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OneUnited Bank’s Controversial Mural Foreshadows the #BankBlack Movement


In the summer of 2015, OneUnited Bank unveiled its revolutionary 550 square foot mural Thunder & Enlightening on the façade of the Bank’s historic Miami branch. The emotionally charged work of art by internationally acclaimed, Miami based muralist Addonis Parker, directly confronts issues and events facing the Black community: , bigotry, violence, protest, the massacre in South Carolina, Trayvon Martin, and first responders.

Thunder & Enlightening also foreshadowed future events, namely the backlash against the multiple racially charged shootings of Black people by law enforcement which spawned a national phenomenon – the #BankBlack Movement. In 2016, issues of racism, bigotry and violence came front and center of our nation’s consciousness. In turn, millions of Black people, galvanized via social media, text and word of mouth, began answering the call for a collective show of force by moving their money from traditional banks to Black owned banks. The social justice based #BankBlack movement intensified when Rapper Killer Mike implored the Black community not to incite more violence but to demonstrate the power of its $1.2 trillion in annual spending by supporting Black banks and other Black owned businesses.


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