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On Screen and Behind the Scenes with The Frank and Wanda Show

Beginning August 18, 2008, loyal listeners of The Frank and Wand a on V-103 (103.3 FM) get to see what they’ve been hearing. The #1 rated morning show in starring Frank Ski and Wand a Smith will begin airing the best highlights of the day on 69 at 11pm. A 30-minute “best of” the Frank & Wand a program in HD will highlight the ins and outs of the popular morning show in Atlanta while giving many fans a chance to tune it to see what they heard and checkout what they missed earlier that same day. Viewers can look forward to catching a glimpse of Frank and Wand a interviewing popular recording, film, TV and political superstars in a top rated time period at 11pm.

Tom Canedo, CW 69 Station Manager, says “As a member of the Television Stations Group we are really pleased to partner with sister station V-103 in bringing more quality local content to CW 69. We know it’s going to be an exciting show and we just can’t wait.” Rick Caffey, Sr. VP and Market Manager of CBS Radio ““Atlanta continues, “We’re excited about extending the brand and content of the Frank & Wand a Morning Show to the television viewer. This collaboration will give our listeners an intimate view inside the studio, and a more personal experience with Frank & Wand a.”
Everyday is different on the Frank & Wand a Show so viewers can anticipate the best in news, commentary, interviews and entertainment when they tune in. For any listener who has had to pull over in morning drive time behind their antics”¦seeing Frank, Wand a and Miss Sophia all on screen together, might be sensory overload. See what you’ve been missing on CW69.