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Ohio Based Reverend Darrell Scott Rescinds Statement about “Gang Thugs” Asking him to Pass Message to Trump


Omorasa is obviously not buying Reverend ’s claim and she is actually correct.
What is this?… posing backstage at a hip hop concert?

If you are still wondering why people continue to lose faith in the black church, here is another reason, Reverend Darrell Scott. Ohio Reverend Darrell Scott was obviously looking for an opportunity from the for himself when he flat out lied during a roundtable recorded visit to a black history event as he “trivialized a serious situation” by speaking as a self-appointed spokesperson for “gang thugs” who would “lower the body count” if given federal funds. The social nets immediately expressed disbelief in the Ohio-based minister’s claims.

an ACTUAL Chicago based reverend busted Scott on his “Obsession with Chicago with his tweets and doing nothing, This is too serious to be making crazy comments.” The Rev went on to say “This is an insult to Chicago.” , the Executive Director of the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy, an ACTUAL anti-violence crusader IN Chicago, wasn’t invited to the Black History event at the White House otherwise, he would have stated the truth to Trump. See vid below.

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