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OH NO: Xzibit’s on Display: Retracts Statements about Diddy

chris brown

I got info on this last week along with the audio but I just didn’t think it was newsworthy. I mean it came from ..

At any rate the former host of Pimp My Ride (he was actually pretty good on that show) in an effort to spark his name in the press again, admitted that he, Superhead and Diddy went to a bar a few years back per ’s guidance that turned out to be a gay or very open establishment. On the same night, he claimed that Diddy warned him that Superhead is the devil and that she will tell the world on you after she sticks her fingers up your ass (laugh). (For those of you who don’t know Superhead, within the next year, nobody else will either)

At any rate Xzibit’s rant on Diddy spread like WILDFIRE over the blogosphere and the NETWORKS followed as they get STEAL their leads from Blogs so it got bigger and bigger and now Xzibit has released a statement…

In his words, the rapper says despite how the interview sounded, that “I have no beef with Diddy,”

(I can tell right away there is no need for Diddy to buy any toilet paper this month) (laugh). Xzibit claims “My comments were not intended to be malicious in anyway” (I think he meant “any way” nevertheless, years ago I had concluded, when you clean up dog shit, it still actually smells… like shit!).. he goes on to say….

“I wake up this morning and my phone is going nuts. I turn on the computer and find all this shit about me “throwing puffy under the gay bus” … whatever that means” (??? he didn’t ask that last question, did he? Wait there’s more, then he blames the journalists for HIS statements….) “All this SPIN that you journalist[s] are putting on the statements I made on a radio show — to DIRECTLY effect a guy in a manor… not intended — is wrong.” (OK I know I misspell shit in RF all the time, I get lazy but does he really mean “affect” and “manner?”  In addition, let me make sure I have this right… You say Diddy took you to a gay bar and that he made a statement about Superhead telling the world that she stuck her fingers in your ass if you fook with her… and you are saying people are wrong for concluding that you are implying that Diddy is gay? I don’t…. Whooooooooooooooosh…. what in de FOOK was that? Oh, it was the logic train.. looks like somebody missed it). Want more? here you go…

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