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OH NO: Worst Stock for 2009: Sirius XM Radio???

chris brown

Motley Fool states: My worst stock for 2009 is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel, except that the barrel's been drained and the fish have stopped flopping.

For me, "worst" translates to "uncomfortably likely to go to zero." That's where I expect (Nasdaq: SIRI) to find itself in 2009 through one of two routes: Either its cash burn, and the impossibility of meeting its massive immediate debt obligations, pushes it into the embrace of bankruptcy. Or it dilutes existing shareholders into oblivion if, by some miracle, it persuades its creditors to accept increasingly worthless stock in lieu of actually paying them back.

Worst Stock for 2009: Sirius XM Radio – Motley Fool- msnbc.com.

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