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OH NO: The Best of The RFFocus Blog Magazine?

You I LOVE magazines and after all the emails and the HUGE readership of RFFocus , I’ve decided to do a Best of The RFFocus Blog/13th Anniversary issue, street date November 5. Ads are selling fast, actually, magazine publishers lie and say that that you will hurry up and buy an ad. Sh…, I haven’t even started selling ads but you can book now. Independents, you gotta pay up front, been fooked too many times by you motha fookas.

This magazine will not be the typical boring ass newsy radio magazine. You know I like to give you a vacation from the typical sh… but it will be filled with all the RFFocus Blog humor, everybody’s favorite sections: YIKES, WHAT?, OPEN THE CHUYCH, CAN’T STOP LAUGHING, , ALERTS and more. This will be the ONLY magazine I do this year for RFFocus and it will truly be toilet reading (my favorite reading place) cause this is the magazine I’ve wanted to do and I promise you will laugh until you sh… on yourself.. There will be radio stuff in here too.. Free to radio on sale for everyone else, profits go to URBAN YOUTH an organization for the prevention of STDs. Want more info? Hit me [email protected]

The Best of the RFFocus Blog/13th Anniversary Issue…

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