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OH NO: T.I.’s ex Wants More Child Support!!!

 id= has not had a lot of time to enjoy promoting his new CD before his ex and mother of two of his 6 children LaShonDixon, has demand ed more child support.

According to the , Superior Court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane said the self-proclaimed “King of the South” must pay Dixon a little over $3,000 a month instead of the $2,000 he was previously providing. (that’s a paltry amount for child support isn’t it? And to think 50’s ex Shameka Loushand re, or whatever her name is, was asking for 25 gs? was she trying to do, get child support for her district?)

Dixon recently filed the lawsuit against Tip hoping a court would order a stipend equal to the rapper’s success. (Now you can’t blame her for this, she took a pic and had a TV antenna in the background. I have not seen one of those since 1978.. girl doesn’t even have cable)

As part of the judge’s orders, T.I. must continue to fund the private school expenses, medical insurance and extracurricular activities of the boys, ages 7 and 8. Though Dixon was granted primary custody, T.I. will share joint custody of his sons. Dixon’s attorney, Rand y Kessler said that while his client is grateful to receive more child support she is still unsatisfied with the new amount. T.I. has claimed the woman does not work and this is the cause of her financial problems. (see this is where a line should be drawn. The judges should give women like this child support but they should be held responsible and forced to work instead of spending all day getting their hair and nails did).