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OH NO: Readers on AJC Blog BAKE V-103 Announcers

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 width=Recently terminated V-103/Atlanta announcer called Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s and entertainment writer Rodney Ho about her mysterious termination this past November. It was rumored Porsche allegedly had a couple of “addictions” that she could not control and management had grown tired of it.

Perhaps Foxx felt the need to address Atlantan’s about her second firing after being given a second chance when she was terminated a few years previous from V-103 after being stopped by Atlanta police and caught with narcotics in her vehicle and driving with a suspended license amongst other charges. The first firing made local headlines.

For those of us who work in marketing and promotions, we know that there are those times when it is best to simply shut up and move on. This is one of those cases. Porsche states that the reason she left is because she found a (benign) lump in her breast and V-103 management was not sympathetic to her situation. Readers of the AJC blog, while sympathetic, quickly questioned that if this were true, why did management rehire her in the first place had they NOT been “sympathetic” to her? In addition, nonetheless, her ratings were solid.. in this industry economy, can a station afford to terminate a top announcer? I guess that would be a question of salary…

In addition to suspicions of Foxx’s reason, an immediate plethora of attacks were aimed at the morning show’s Frank Ski and Wand a Smith. I have to admit, I have consistently heard these things said about the morning show for several years now by several people. Nevertheless, the show still has great ratings and I never listened so I have not formed my own opinion but here is one of the comments below with a link with more comments after it…

“Yo No-Hater: What? Do you Å“slave  for the department over at ? If you do, then you know the under which Miss Å“Fixx  left. And it wasnâ„¢t because of some cock-a-mamie breast cancer scare . It was because of her on-going addictions, to herself (itâ„¢s called narcissism) and to her twins: weed and booze! as for the Å“entertainment  content of stations like V-103, all I can ask you is: Å“What entertainment ?!? What with a super-ghetto-fied transvestite (Sophia), a no-neck ego-maniacal hypocrite (Frank), a neo-moms-mabley (Wand a), a cockeyed arroganzo (Ryan Cameron) and an incessantly high pitched screamer (Elle), I do not think anyone in their right mind could call these nut-cases Å“ . these are not , people. theyâ„¢re all bit players in modern-day minstrel shows put on by one of the largest mega-media empires in the world: CBS. and the sad thing is, Å“they DONâ„¢T get it . and neither do you. Please, my friend, this is not about hate. It is about people calling that Å“entertainment  on that radio station what it is: G.A.R.B.A.G.E.! So do me a favor, please, and stop apologizing and /or justifying this mess that serves to do nothing but continue our mental enslavement to stereotypes of years gone by.”

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