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OH NO: Radio One's Industry Trade Magazine SLAMMED!

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…. to step aside and let the REAL publishers in this motha fooka come forth, hear ye, hear ye. THE 2008 BEST OF THE RFFocus BLOG!!!/Anniversary Issue of RFFocus is here. Street Date December 8. All your favorite sections, YIKES, DELICIOUS ALERTS, OPEN THE CHUYCH, LAWD, WHAT IN DE FOOK, WHAT, , GREAT GREASY KEYBOARD. Yes, more of the madness that made this blog Number 1 in 2008. Our mission was to pull you away from your everyday stress with some sh… …and we did it, didn’t we??

is reasonable and STILL Available, sorry folks, cover may change and I may replace Angel’s spread with Kimbo Slice (laugh)… just joking, I kill me…. as for now, it remains the same… Thanks for making us a HUGE success….

1270 Caroline St. 120-110
Atlanta, GA. 30307
678 528 3669

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