OH NO: Radio Corps Stock Hit Record Lows, Including: Emmis, CBS Radio, Salem

10 radio stocks hit their all-time lows after the markets fell this week. A second straight plunge did even more damage to the already dwindling stocks. Salem Communications (SALM), Spanish Broadcasting (SBSA) and Cumulus, (CMLS) plummeted over 22% of their value Thursday, sinking to their lowest value to date.

5 more corporations suffered on Thursday which included: Fisher Communications (FSCI), Emmis Communications (EMMS), CBS Radio (CBS), Sirius XM (SIRI) and Journal Communications (JRN) all lost more than 10% Thursday.

As reported earlier, newly delisted Westwood One (WON) and Regent Communications (RGCI) duplicated an all-time lows this Wed. Also reported earlier media-targeted ratings giant Arbitron (ARB) took a dive in the past week seeing the stock lose over $10.00 a share.


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