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OH NO: Macy Gray Is Pissed At Kevin

 border=OK, I am aware that many celebs are reading RFFocus and I am aware that I am a clown and I love to have a good laugh. I heard from an excellent source that Macy Gray is livid about the post yesterday in the blog where we said she looked like a homeless transsexual. Look at this promo shot of Macy and this cand id shot… it’s obvious Macy is not hurting in the looks dept but when you step out like this and you are a star… people are going to talk about you!!! I LOVE non conformists like Macy and anyone else who dares to be different. Macy once walked into the men’s room at a Hits party to use the bathroom (I LOVE IT) that sh… takes incredible courage and I am the rebel too (after 40 WASTED years of being who other motha fookas wanted me to be and they didn’t even know who in the fook THEY were!!!). But one must still LOOK great in public…. no matter what….