Home Music Industry News OH NO: Katt Williams Raps/Disses Rickey Smiley

OH NO: Katt Williams Raps/Disses Rickey Smiley


  1. These ‘disses’ are nothing more than publicity stunts, as history has shown us time and time again…eventually the two artists make up and do a celebration tour together. NEXT!

  2. Yes, we know about the usual dis wars but the significance of this post is that:
    1. Katt is making his Rap Debut doing it.
    2. Rickey Doesn’t rap
    3. Katt just had a mental evaluation
    4. The whole thing is strange…

  3. this shit is wild!!! he’s got a cool flow but the comedy gangsterism is like really kinda extra. fools blastin on each other for stealin punch lines is not really land ing after so many years of intense rivalries where the shit really goes down. it just sounds silly- “cats runnin in the club while i spray with punch lines???” come on. its all good though, because Katt is the king and he’s brilliant and can do what he wants. he earned his loop and now he just needs to rest and clear his head. he’s obviously got a busy ass brain- lil genius muthafucka’s tryin conquer rap now. outrageous!! what can you say if you got it that way? i like the homage to Pryor.

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