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OH NO: Just Not a Great Year for Black Ministers.. Now CREFLO DOLLAR in Trouble!!! LAWD JE

Several Black ministers are not having a banner with all the problems that reveal they too are … dare I say….. HUMAN!…… Who ????

Starving horses found on televangelistâ„¢s Fayette land Animals belonged to friend of Rev. [source]

Fayetteville “ The Georgia Department of Agriculture is investigating the treatment of horses on Fayette County property owned by -area televangelist the Rev. Creflo Dollar, who doesnâ„¢t own the horses. A family friend, Jason Mitchell, bought the horses, saying they would be kept on Dollarâ„¢s property. Related links Records the horses had no water or water, werenâ„¢t fed properly and had body weights dropping to dangerous levels. inspectors say of the horses died because the owners failed to feed it and several other horses. Mitchell has been cited for inhumane treatment of animals. A spokesman for Dollar says the minister was not involved in their .

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