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OH NO: Joe Torry Attacks Vanessa Fraction

n545529065_5727joe-torry-3rd-annual-chris-webber-bada-bling-celebrity-bash-weekend-gala-arrivals-yYSNy2.jpg" alt=" width="179" height="275" />Humor Mill magazine is reporting that comedian Torry allegedly attacked after the two engaged in a for all against each other on a bus in . Witnesses say Vanessa called Joe a different name for every letter in the alphabet and that’s when things went south. She is currently trying to press charges against him in Los Angeles even thought the attack took place in ? More as the story develops.

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  1. Joe Torry should know better attacking a woman especially another comedian. I’ve been following his career for a while now and he’s done a few things that I feel are unclassy an uncouth. I guess that’s why he’ll stay on the D list. Loser

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