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OH NO: Cleveland PD Pulls Chris Brown/Rihanna Herpes Rumor


wwwradiofactscom-chris-brownRumors on the net are rampant that went left after Rihanna allegedly gave him Herpes. This led to the altercation where he allegedly attacked her and a witness called police after hearing Rihanna scream.  Ã‚   Police state Rihanna’s condition was bad at best with wounds that required medical attention but she refused.   My sources and even authorities in LA are very tight-lipped about the situation and even if the above allegations are true, Rihanna’s health status or condition cannot be released to the press sans her permission as California has one of the most powerful privacy laws in the nation. The PR question, nevertheless, remains: Where are ’s damage-control people to make a statement? Perhaps the situation is indeed so personal that the PR machine does not know how to hand le the sensitive issue without a backlash, suit from Rihanna’s camp or the situation backfiring. Contrary to what several blogs have posted THEY ARE NOT LABEL-MATES, Rihanna is on Def Jam and Chris is on JIVE.   I bet you this much, labels will certainly discourage 20 year old artists dating from this point on. Without question both are too young and too high profile. Billboard’s editorial director, Bill Werde is stating Brown’s career is probably over. I don’t think that’s true.   See press release from KISS FM below where Cleveland CC PD has dropped all of Chris’ product.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009, Cleveland , Ohio ¦Cleveland â„¢s Hit Music Channel 96.5 KISS FM has removed all music by Chris Brown from the radio station until further notice.   The 19-year-old recording artist was arrested Sunday night and he was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats.   Brown was released after posting $50,000 bail.   He is under investigation for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, 20-year-old singer Rihanna, early Sunday morning, police said. Rihanna reportedly suffered visible injuries in the alleged physical confrontation in a car.

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