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OH NO: Clear Channel Mass Lay-Off Rumors Thicken


I’ve been avoiding this story for the last few days because I know radio is already on pins and needles but by the same token I have to let you know that as part of the industry shift, I have been hearing from some very good sources that Clear Channel is going to do a massive layoff on Jan 20 (or next week). According to sources, the recent Dallas meetings are said to be the birthplace of the confirmation and many sources say it’s not going to be a pretty sight.  The irony of terminating the employees at a time when all eyes will be on the inauguration appears strategic at best as an attempt to maintain the corporation’s good standing and reputation within and outside the industry. New owners  BainCapital and Thomas H. Lee Partners, have  allegedly begun the process of relieving radio personnel which some estimates state are from 200 to 1000 companywide.

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