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OH NO: 50’s Ex Sues him for 50 Million

The bitter legal battle between rapper 50 Cent and his ex Shaniqua Tompkins continues as the mother of his 11-year old son is now suing the entertainer for a reported $50 million. According to AllHipHop, Tompkins’ lawyer Paul Catsand onis confirmed the lawsuit, which is seeking damages related to a Long Island , NY home that was destroyed in a “suspicious” fire in May. The house was owned by 50 and occupied by the woman and her son.

Just before the blaze, the rap mogul had legally evicted Tompkins from the property. In the aftermath, the ex accused the rapper – real name Curtis Jackson – of setting the fire himself to avoid having to honor a private agreement between the two.

“There wasn’t a written contract but an expressed oral agreement, which is recognized in the New York courts,” Catsand onis told The Hudson Reporter. “They decided years ago that she was going to be the domestic partner, and she was going to provide the domestic services while he devoted all his time to becoming a Hip-Hop artist. Whatever profits he was able to achieve would be divided equally, and he had promised her and their son that they could live in the house. He breached that contract.” The attorney will reportedly argue that the relationship between Jackson and Tompkins could be viewed as a common-law marriage. He plans to set a precedent case in New York for future parties who have legal disputes in these arrangements. “We are moving into the modern era where people are not getting married anymore but are common law husband and wife,” said Catsand onis.

Tompkins has obtained a restraining order against 50, which has created a strain in the rapper’s relationship with his son Marquise, according to reports. The G-Unit star has countered with a defamation lawsuit and is suing for visitation rights. [source]