OH COME ON: Oprah an an Agent of the Devil?

I will not go into the most sensitive topic in the … RELIGION wholeheartedly but I will say that I allow others to believe in it but I don’t. I have seen too much and separation caused by it especially in the the black and I believe a person’s relationship with whomever and whatever their higher power is, is their business. I will not accept someone telling me what their higher power me to do as the relationship with your higher power, even if it’s YOU, is YOUR business and I have yet to see a black or a woman who’s was so perfect that they could tell ANYONE how to live theirs. I’ve seen many of these people ignore situations in their lives and family that needed immediate attention and they ignored it for fear or perhaps what they considered faith and that’s just not how I operate personally. , I agree with , who once said there is no man or woman on this that can speak for what I define as my higher power. That seems to be basically what Oprah is saying in this video, it’s a personal choice.. but some Christians believe she is for leaving the option as an open choice for people to choose instead of being directed….