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Nine Common Mistakes Artists Make to Get Radio Airplay

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 width=Over the years, I can’t tell you how many complaints I get from radio programmers and artists as well as independent promoters about the way artists and/or their representatives promote their product.

In many cases I have had to personally deal with artists and I could see the complaints are more often than not VALID…. with the extremely tight playlists at urban radio stations nationwide there are some rules that MUST be followed. Click the “NEXT” button above or below to see the Nine Mistakes... Enjoy

1. Shitty Attitude..

 width=The fact that an artist is paying someone to work their record does not grant them the right to treat the person helping them like shit. ESPECIALLY former major label artists who are now independent. Promotions people are not miracle workers, your psychiatrists or your punching bag. Some of your complaints may be valid and your budget may be tight but how apt would YOU be to help somebody that treats you like shit?

2. Getting Advice and Trying to Do it Yourself

 width= I will use RFFocus as an example. I can’t tell you how many calls every week from people offering to do advertising then asking me for advice on how to work their product BEFORE they do the advertising. I call that “Carrot Dangling.” That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book and it doesn’t work. You would not want people to waste your time and industry people are very savvy to games and the people who play them, you are only playing yourself as word gets out in this industry that very big yet very small and people will not work with you without getting cash up front. It’s just like having bad credit but it’s bad credit with the industry and it will take you a LONG time to change your industry score to regain respect. Understand the industry is VERY fraternal and if people don’t know you, it’s very likely your calls will not be answered or returned.

3. Approaching Radio Yourself

 width= If you are a former major label artist you may very well be able to get a radio station on the phone but don’t get pissed when you get worked like a slave. ALWAYS have someone represent you ALWAYS. When you make that call direct to a station the level of respect for your contribution to the industry as an artist takes a nosedive.

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