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Nielsen And clypd Collaborate To Take Audience-Based Buying To The Next Level

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Will enable Execution and Posting On Media Buys Across Networks By Combining Nielsen’s Audience-Based Buying With clypd’s Advanced Targeting Proposal, Forecasting and Yield Optimization Platform

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Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced today that it will collaborate with clypd, a leading audience-based sales platform for television networks. The syndicated service will offer the advertising ecosystem a fully integrated, linear TV targeting solution that will benefit , agencies, buying platforms and publishers seeking to plan and buy on demographics beyond age and gender.

In today’s world of growing content options across devices and platforms, reaching the audiences that matter most—be it a first time car buyer or a frequent lunchbox snack purchaser—is paramount for both TV networks and advertisers. By enabling buyers to seamlessly share their media plans and the audience segments created via Nielsen’s planning service, Nielsen Media Impact, with sellers through the clypd platform, media owners will be able to instantaneously price, evaluate and execute targeted audience buys. In addition, publishers will be able to more effectively manage their sales efforts and make decisions with greater agility accelerating the adoption of audience-based buying at scale.

With the advent of targeted linear , demands from marketers to leverage their own audience data sets for the purposes of planning and executing TV advertising buys has been limited in scale and cumbersome. clypd and Nielsen are creating a streamlined workflow to bring efficiency to marketers looking to transact on TV with their own data and for media buyers new to TV advertising to leverage unique digital assets within TV.

The collaboration between Nielsen and clypd will give clients the ability to target Linear TV audiences by leveraging consumer profiles available through Nielsen TV MRI Fusion, Nielsen Buyer Insights, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and other first-party data segments.

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