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New York Giants Sign Agreement for Custom Portable People MeterTM Radio Rating Services in New York

Giants’ broadcasts on - for the 2007 season showed Men 25- Average Daily Cumes higher than top NY morning drive station
, July 7, 2008 – . (NYSE: ARB) today announced that the New York Giants have signed a contract for MeterTM () custom ratings services in New York.
“The ability to look at each and see how many people are really listening is groundbreaking for us,” said Mike Stevens, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Giants. “PPM data will provide us with -by- insights that we were never able to see before. We know that Giants fans are passionate about their team and will tune in so they never miss a . We can now deliver valuable insight about our audience base and demonstrate to advertisers that sports radio is a unique format for reaching one of their most valued demographics.”
Average Game Day Exceeds Top Morning Drive Show for Men 25-54

The average Giants game in the 2007 season on WFAN-AM reached 194,600 Men 25-54 (Average Daily Cume), according to New York PPM Pre-currency data. On average, these broadcasts reached more men than the number 1 show in morning drive, the premier advertising daypart in the December PPM data for New York.
PPM New York Metro, Men 25-54, Average Daily Cume
2007 Giants Game Average
(WFAN-AM, October 2007 – Holiday 2007)
Morning Drive
(#1 Station, December 2007)
During the 2007 NFL regular season the PPM began measuring radio audiences in New York City. Between September 23, 2007 and January 8th, 2008 the New York Giants radio broadcast on WFAN-AM scored the highest hourly Men 25-54 AQH rating with a 3.2 during the 4th quarter of the December 9th Philadelphia Eagles game.
“There is a need for special consideration when planning to buy and sell for sports broadcasting,” said Mason Meyer, Manager, Custom Services, Arbitron Inc. “We released audience estimates for the post-game radio audience after the Super Bowl with dramatic increases to highly targeted demographics. Additional audience estimates for season broadcasts show that sports radio delivers high-impact return on investment to advertisers. The granularity of PPM data will help sales managers demonstrate their value to their advertisers as they have never been able to before.”
PPM Custom Ratings Agreement
Using the existing PPM panel installed in New York for syndicated radio ratings, the contract calls for Arbitron to generate custom reports of pre-, post-, in-game and total broadcast listening estimates for the Giants 2008 football seasons. The reports include exclusive game broadcast average-quarter-hour and cumulative (Cume) audience estimates to Giants broadcasts on WFAN-AM. New York Football Giants own and control the inventory for pre-, in- and post-game programming.
The New York Giants will broadcast all regular season games during the 2008 football season on WFAN-AM, Sports Radio 66. In addition, WFAN-AM will air pre-season games and all Giants post-season games for which the Giants might qualify.