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New Track from Up-And-Coming UK Rapper/Producer ADIAN COKER.

 width=Rising rapper/producer premieres his latest track, “Gaza,” today on Vibe.com. It is available as a and comes from Coker’s upcoming mixtape, , out November 5th in association with Karmaloop.

This joint goes hard with the song title drawing from the drums. Coker says, “They are actually gun sounds; the kick is a shotgun and the snare is a rifle. It just sounded like a war zone. At the time I made it, the issue regarding the Gaza Strip was really prevalent, and that’s where the association came from.”

With quality lyricism and a delivery more akin to his American counterparts, Coker has already made an impact in the U.S. with the release of two previous tracks and videos. highlighted his talents with The Break feature while premiering the track “Airs & Graces” (video / mp3) and proclaimed “he is poised to take the U.S. by storm.” EarMilk honored him with hip-hop video of the week upon his first release, “Angels & Demons,” (video / mp3) and noted Coker as being “armed with sharp lyrics and skills both on the mic and behind the boards.”

Born in Sierra Leone twenty-four years ago, Coker has had to fight for every inch of his success. He moved to the UK aged four, and as an enthusiastic seven year old, he first started to learn classical guitar followed by keys and drums. In high school, he was given the opportunity to learn the art of studio recording. As the years wound down, his talents soon got him noticed while doing sessions at Jutland Studios in South . The studio manager gave him a job producing for good urban at the time from the Mitchell Brothers to D-Banj.

Besides building up a considerable body of music, Coker was notching up an English degree from Goldsmiths University in London as well as working to earn funds to progress his career. In late 2010, he self-released his first mixtape, The Colour of Magic, and despite having a very limited, underground promotion, it caught the attention of some the most respected Urban DJs on national radio BBC Radio 1Xtra.

With the release of Lights Fantastic and the formation of his own independent label, Bloom in June, Coker is sure to capture the ears of across the .

Download: http://soundcloud.com/bloominjune/adian-coker-gaza

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