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New Social Media Platform, Wheelook, Breaks Tradition In The Social Sphere


Wheelook, a new social platform designed to catapult individuals to achieving on a global level, enters the social scene today officially bringing users a new and enjoyable social experience. Stepping outside of traditional platforms consumers have become accustomed to, Wheelook aims to empower users with a unique offering to produce, share, promote and view content without corporate interference and data mining, making users’ privacy a priority.

“We’ve spent a fair amount of time taking a look at the world and how to make it a better place by offering consumers more control and privacy, along with eliminating the uninvited branded ads that are often consuming our news feeds,” said Michael J. Desforges, founder of Wheelook. “With that, we wanted to create a platform that is enjoyable, but also shares a tangible goal towards getting a piece of the Fame Machine. After all, everyone wants to be idolized in some form or another, right? Wheelook is that tool to help you gain fame status and we’re excited for consumers to reap the benefits.”

Users can customize their news feed, otherwise known as the Wheelook Wheel, by setting the visibility of their personal content and viewable content between variations of completely public to 100 percent private based on preference. This new social media platform also offers two unique tiers of networks separating out those who you know on a personal level to those who you wish to view content of. This empowers users with a different level of access to discovering new people across the globe. The tiers include:

  • Friends: Wheelook syncs up with your phone contacts to populate your Friends on the platform as your first tier network, which are the connections you can communicate with via private chat and view each other’s public content. You can also give Friend’s access to view any private content by adding them as a Watcher to piece when you are ready to post.
  • Lookers: Lookers are your followers. Lookers can see your public content and receive notifications, but cannot contact you directly via private chat. To become Friends, both parties must submit a request through the Wheelook platform and accept.

Wheelook is a social network service provider supplying top promoting tools to all users, monetizing the platform through in-app purchases. Every five hours, one free credit is provided to each user to use towards any of the Wheelook Boosts during this timeframe.  Free credits cannot be banked for future use, but users can also choose to purchase credits at any time for $1 per credit, or less, depending on the credit package purchased should they wish to use multiple Boosts at one time.

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