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New Single from Prince Reviewed by Howard Stern


American personality/shock jock had positive feedback for ’s newest single called “Screwdriver”. Prince has produced ten and thirty Top 40 career singles during his career.

Stern played the song on his show and raved about it, describing it as “retro”, and a “home run for Prince”; he gushed over the “old fashioned real drums”. Lyrics include “I’m your driver & you’re my screw”.

Stern has not always had such kind words for Prince, describing the artist as an “arrogant a-hole” when Prince told kim kardashian to “get off the ” during his concert at Madison Square Garden in 2011.

“Screwdriver” was quietly released online last week. Prince recently held auditions for a new drummer in . Stern has been exclusive to , a subscription-based satellite service since 2006.


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