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New Self-Serve, Online Platform from The Media Dash Transforms Local Radio Buying-Selling Experience for Local Advertisers and Broadcasters

New Jersey, Denver and New Orleans Markets Go Live

A new self-serve online platform designed to improve the buying and selling of local radio advertising has been launched by TheMediaDash.com, Inc. (www.theMEDIAdash.com).

Called The Media Dashâ„¢ Local (www.themediadashlocal.com), the provides an easy way for small- and mid-sized businesses to buy advertising on local radio stations. It is designed to help broadcasters sell premium on-air and streaming commercials to both new and repeat advertisers. Both parties will benefit from the ease, speed and accountability of the system.

The product will be branded locally in each market. The first local radio markets already operating are in New Jersey (www.NewJerseymediadash.com), Denver (www.Denvermediadash.com); and New Orleans (www.NewOrleansmediadash.com). Two additional markets ““ Santa Rosa, Calif. and Long Island, N.Y. ““ are slated to go live in the coming weeks.

“Due to , local radio stations typically focus their sales efforts on their largest customers, failing to address a opportunity of under-served local ,” said Drew Hilles, CEO of The Media Dash.  “Our goal is to make it as easy to buy local radio as it is to place Internet advertising. The Media Dash Local is designed to bring new advertisers to radio and generate incremental revenues for stations.”

How It Works for Advertisers:

Advertisers seeking to develop a campaign in a simply visit the appropriate The Media Dash Local website at any hour of the day or night.

By answering a few simple questions on the easy-to-navigate dashboard, they are able to move quickly through the system’s four-step process:

Step 1 – Create a Campaign: Provide company information, select target communities and pick preferred timing for their ad campaign

Step 2 – Select an Ad Offering: Review the ad offerings that best fit their business needs

Step 3 – Creative Options: Upload a commercial or work with The Media Dash to write and produce an original one, at no charge

Step 4 – Check Out: Confirm and complete their purchase

Based on the criteria selected in the first step, The Media Dash Local generates a series of campaign recommendations. Each campaign option will be rated with an “Impact Score” offering advice to advertisers on the effectiveness of the potential buy based on their stated requirements. The Impact Score is generated using qualitative audience data provided by Scarborough Research.

Advertisers will be able to further customize their campaign ““ including the opportunity to purchase station sponsorships, personality appearances, audio streaming and any other features that radio stations typically offer.

The Media Dash Local’s campaign performance tools provide advertisers with rapid assurance that their ran ““ compared to traditional processes that can take up to 30 days for confirmation. Within two business , advertisers can log into their dashboard and view where and when their spots ran, ensuring greater analysis and accountability.

The Media Dash Local also offers live chat and phone support options during normal business hours to answer any questions and guide users through the process.

How It Works for :

For broadcasters, The Media Dash Local offers an easy-to-use, convenient and fully accountable platform to handle everything from uploading inventory and customizing their offers, to tracking buyer views and sales activity.

Once they are logged into the system, broadcasters can view their station’s demographics and FCC coverage area.  Broadcasters then upload their premium inventory and other offerings including station appearances, morning drive contests, event tickets, audio streaming and more. The platform lets broadcasters customize campaign start and end dates, length of spots, day parts and rates.  It also allows the stations to edit all variables including station name (call letters, slogan, etc.) and description.

The broadcaster dashboard depicts sales by month, two-week and weekly periods. By reviewing sales information and contrasting it with advertiser views, a station can adjust its offerings to improve sales.

As in the advertiser portion of the system, broadcasters have access to live chat and phone support during normal business hours.

For more information on The Media Dash Local and to view a video demonstration of how it works, visit www.theMEDIAdash.com or contact Nicole Palina-Pace, VP of marketing, [email protected] You can follow the company on Twitter (www.twitter.com/themediadash) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/themediadash).

About The Media Dash

TheMediaDash.com, Inc. (www.theMEDIAdash.com) is a media and advertising technology company dedicated to improving the buying and selling of radio advertising.  The company’s senior management team, with extensive experience in radio station management, advertising sales and technology development, is committed to making radio broadcast and streaming media more competitive with the online advertising industry. The company’s breakthrough, web-based platform allows advertisers and broadcasters to execute media transactions with greater ease, speed and accountability. The Media Dash is a portfolio company of BlueCrest Venture Finance Master Fund Limited.

The Media Dash is a trademark of TheMediaDash.com, Inc. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners.


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