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NEW SECTION: "…Why is this news????" (Remy, DMX, LisaRaye, Master P)

and are Married –
… and I prefer the double cheeseburger for $1 at McDonalds over the Chicken sand wich with  src=cheese at Wendy’s … is there ANYBODY out there who cares about this????

Rapper Papoose has confirmed that he and incarcerated girlfriend and fellow rapper Remy Ma are married. The pair was reportedly making plans to exchange nuptials at New York’s Rikers Island jail in May, while Remy was awaiting sentencing for her part in a July 2007 shooting. However, reports claimed the nuptials were called off at the last minute after Papoose was accused of attempting to break his bride-to-be out of prison – allegations the rapper denied… WHO CARES….

NEWSFLASH: LisaRaye is um from the HOOD!
… The Premiere NOW knows all ghetto girls do not weight 800 pounds and have wedding cake hairdids… with earings in their fake fingernails  src=and green highlights in their pink weaves….tight shirts and big guts, a grill freshly purchased from the flea market and a child 5 years younger than they are…. The Premiere also can’t have his cake and eat it too. Repeat after me… “poosee addict.”

It is SO obvious that is taking full advantage of her title and position as the (now former) Premiere’s wife, and not very well. When I watched her recent video where she was working overtime to act regal and sophisticated her verbs, nouns, adjetives were either misplaced or totally missing. But you were so consumed with her unusual deliciouslness, that you barely noticed… When you’re married to a Premiere, you do not hang at hood parties with hip hop celebrities…. unless you are… um…. HOOD! As delicious as is, she could also use a voice and speech coach to upgrade her presentation….she could probably get a lot more work too. All I see is her in her role as Diamond “Imma Kick yo Muuuutha fookin’ Ass”… her line to that hideous stripper with the blond wig that wanted to fook her. And Lynn Jeter????? Let me shut up before Lisa and Lynn come over here and try to kick my ass…(laugh)

Launches TV Network (yawn)
… and those cheap grocery store brand s of Toilet Paper just don’t last as long as Charmin….. is there ANYBODY out ther  src=who really gives a sh… about this????

Have you ever noticed that once a rapper’s image has been set it’s been etched? I just don’t believe Master P or now “Percy Miller” is this new urban mogal with a cleaned up image… I believe he’s trying to smoke the sh… out of his remaining 15 seconds…

The rap mogul formerly known as Master P is launching his own family-friendly cable network to provide “positive” viewing for the black community, according to reports. The star, born Percy Miller and now referring to be called P. Miller, announced on Thursday that the new network – titled Better Black Television (BBTV) – will focus on general entertainment, ranging from drama, comedy, movies, animation, politics and sports, as well as entertainment news. Miller has recruited a number of celebrities to serve on the BBTV board, including Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington, rap pioneer DJ Kool Herc and NBA basketball player Derek Anderson, among others. Miller himself will serve as the networks CEO.

Will Stay in Jail… and perhaps FINALLY get his sh… back together… dayum how many times does a black man need to be arrested to stay in jail?

After being arrested and released five times in 2008 alone, Rapper DMX’s sixth arrest this year may result in his remaining behind bars for a time. The performer had his bail bond revoked following his latest arrest on Thursday. Born Earl Simmons, DMX was taken into custody by police in Miami, Florida after a warrant for his arrest was issued on Tuesday. A judge issued the warrant after he missed a court date stemming from drug charges in Arizona. Bail was initially set at $25,000, but when the entertainer’s lawyer Brad Cohen attempted to free him from a Florida jail on Friday, he discovered it had been changed. The star is now listed as having no bail hold, according to website TMZ.com.

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