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NEW RADIO TRENDS? Full Time Extinct? Airtime to Advertisers? Jocks at 1/2 Price?

rfocus.orgAs the industry changes and corporations are looking for ways to money two trends appear to be on the rise that could affect radio’s PPM negatively…maybe positively.

on air slots are being replaced by slots at some stations in an effort to save salaries and benefits. This may not be GREAT news for current full timers but it actually makes great sense and could work to the advantage (and disadvantage) of urban radio. will be like TV programming.

This also opens up the door for many jocks to get back in to radio and offers something urban radio has been missing FOREVER….variety, at least from a hosts perspective.

FYI: This is also why The RFFocus Social Network RFSN must become a full time industry organization so that we can offer to members in certain regions. Have you joined? Do so here.

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  1. Any time a person gets his or her salary cut its a shame. Plain and simple. Radio is in turmoil congress on one side job cuts on the other side. Jocks dont have flexible stomachs. Nither do their families. Radio must survive I guess. Ive seen wax eliminated from 78s to CDs
    Everything must change. I remember when there were not any cells or net or seat belts. LIfe is more complexed even thought technology cliams to be making life BETTER!!
    Jocks look to the future with the future. Dont understand you will soon enough! Success to all radio
    personel Be Well !!!!

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