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New Mobil App Adopts New Concept.. Gives the Name of Songs Played on the Radio



GetJar is the First Cross-Platform Independent Where the Shazam App is Distributed

Shazam ®,
the leading mobile discovery provider has made its popular App
available on GetJar, the largest multi-handset application store with
over one billion downloads to date.   Shazam’s launch
on Getjar marks the first time the company has made its App available
on an independent App store.

free Shazam App has proved to be a popular choice with Windows,
BlackBerry and Symbian phone users.  Shazam’s ability to
attract music lovers to the site has led to GetJar including Shazam as
one of five key Apps to appear in its first movie theater advertising
campaign, due to launch in U.S. theaters in November 2010. 

has quickly grown to become a trusted source for mobile App downloads
and we very pleased with the speed at which Shazam has become one
of the most popular Apps on GetJar,”
said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. “Driving
App discovery is essential in this marketplace, where choice can be
overwhelming, so we’re looking forward to seeing how
GetJar’s advertising initiative impacts the level of interest and
downloads from consumers.” 

come to GetJar to get the best range and quality of Apps – across all
major platforms and phones for over 200 countries,”
said Ilja Laurs, , Getjar.
“Shazam is one of the most distinctive and highly-rated Apps on
GetJar, so we were keen to highlight its availability on Getjar in our
first movie advertising campaign. Shazam has greatly enhanced our music
offering and we’re confident that it will continue to help us
grow our user base.”


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