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A New Game that Sets the Black Community Back 70 Years (vid)

A called “” is not quite new but it’s gaining popularity and several victims have died. The involves teens daring each other to go up and knock out a complete vulnerable stranger. Looking at this video by a news organization in New Jersey, one of any race could conclude that the American educational system, black parents and the black church are failing black children to the point that they are now completely disconnected from their heritage, history in this country and any form of respect for others.  Yet in all fairness, we have learned this is not a that only black kids play. This in no way excuses the behavior of those responsible in this video, who are black. We must also understand that major news organizations have been accused many times of being biased and that must be taken into consideration unless we can obtain ALL of the footage from these cameras. This is why sites like YouTube and World Star Hip Hop are so important in today’s news coverage to create more unbiased balance. Overall, simple respect is lost as the gap is widening and the entire black community as a whole will be looked down upon for being responsible for this video and sure enough, this has enraged many black people who fully understand that we go out and rally against police brutality, , Stand Your Ground, racism, Barneys and an unjust legal system then some of us turn around and give ALL of it an to exist. 


  1. I am colored, I am a father… Here is my question, where the f*ck are these dumb uneducated kids Parents? Where are their father who should be punishing them hard for even thinking to do something so ridiculously cowardly?

  2. why niggers existing? why they puffy apes have rights?? we need confederates laws, we need ejects all niggers from EU. Im prefer one mexican in the kitchen working that a blackie on streets.

    • LOL ok you clearly don’t know English. Shit-talking and race-bashing are so much more affective when you can articulate a decent insult. Smh…

    • u seem to not know where man first came from. look it up then ask why the most powerful people exist. that you call nigger, and those children must can’t really fight cause if they could they wouldn’t need to see if they can knock somebody out. they would already know

  3. white people lets start a new game called “Zimmerman” if you see a helpless black person, shoot them. like the black kid said in the video… “it’s wrong, but you can still do it”. yay new white people game 🙂

  4. Im second ammendment all the way. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing a green hat, blue jeans, and a tshirt that says “please asshole, try me”..

  5. all they do is complain about how whites hold them down, and blame whites for their own problems. this is nothing new people, the videos just are. everyone concealed carry. shoot on sight if you witness anything like this. stand up and didn’t back, because they would do it to you

  6. ant no black community, an whites are doing this to its not a black thang. blacks lost their community 20 years ago. cant blame this on blacks. you must realize this last black generation had no parents. and that can be proven, our governing left them to raise themselfs. most of their parents died in the WOD war on drugs, the black holocaust in the 80z/90z.. THAT CAN BE PROVEN …..

    • black holocaust what the hell are you talking about. the way I see it blacks have had it made since the early 60s. more blacks are on welfare and housing than white. my tax dollars pay for them to do what their doing.

  7. If the races here were reversed, this would be a issue of huge infamy. Racism in American has been inverted, not relinquished. The act of a white male hitting a black female today like in the video but reversed, is unimaginable. The press would have a field day! That being said, the same hate and violence is not the answer to this. It only perpetuates racism. But it is necessary for us to view and represent races in the media as actually equal. We need to abolish the entitlement circumstance to the past. The black kids in this video have as much as a relationship to slavery as I, a white person, to a slave master; none. People are stupid because they are raised in an environment of stupidity, regardless of what race they are.

    • Obviously you’ve said this so many times, you think its true. But it doesn’t make it so. Racism has been neither inverted or relinquished. Black hatred towards whites is the product of the history of racism blacks have been subject to, and still are. Black people, just like white people, cannot be born to feel this way, so your slave/slave master metaphor is actually inverted. These kids havent went through it but im sure their, like mine, great great great grandparents were slaves. This doesnt necessarily mean the same on your part though as being related to slave owners. But nonetheless, because of this, trying to ignore this fact by saying we are equal is what perpetuates racism. Not acknowledging this history, its transference in today, its repercussions, and our differences, the things you are doing, is perpetuating racism, dear.

    • That is exactly it. The unfortunate thing is that growing up in poverty is what causes this kind of attitude to fester. This attitude of “dont fuck with me, ill fuck you up” or “dont try and take my things or disrepute me or ill kill you.” Pushing individuality rather than group identity would reduce this by a lot i suspect.

  8. It will be more chaos . This is creating hate between blacks and white a race war is on the rise. A lot of young unrban kids will be dead because look at the chaos being done.

  9. Because most black people in America are uneducated pieces of shit, especially the ones that live in urban settings. Look at how fucking stupid they all sound. And they wonder why they live on welfare and have baby mommas and aren’t capable of doing anything but manual labor. The govt should arm all white people with guns for protection, its clearly a compelling interest. The blacks bring themselves down, this is not society’s fault at all, its the nigger hip hop culture (really absence of culture) of ignorance and violence, that they embrace precisely because it is the antithesis of white culture – even though it leads them to a crappy ghetto life of scraping by on govt handouts

  10. This is propaganda at it’s best…. thats right, show only black kids doing it and make america think that its only african americans.. What’s more funny is that some of you think that its only blacks. Media..smh

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