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New Book Unlocks Urban Radio

 URBANRADIO_COVER.inddUrban – Unlocked! offers a new definition of what urban radio is today and presents a deeper understanding of urban radio’s enormous ability to connect with local communities, and across global boundaries.  It offers previously undiscovered sales insights that better position urban radio for selling, media planning and buying. These insights equate to better selling and buying points with more innovative uses of audience and market research data.
Urban Radio – Unlocked! is designed for , advertisers and . Each page is offered in full-color with meticulously crafted charts and tables throughout. The overall design is visually appealing and designed for an easy read with the busy professional in mind.
It is the first media research study that delves deeply into the mindset and psyche of the urban radio audience. The results offer new insights that unlock the code behind urban radio’s timeless appeal and tremendous ratings prowess as an American media enterprise and .
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