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Never Say “Never” Unless it’s Alii Michelle’s New Single

rfocus.orgWhen most of us were growing up, our parents would tell us to “Never say never,” but there is always an exception to the rule.  Alii Michelle would be the exception to that rule as her new single “Never” is something most will find themselves repeating over and over again.

When you hear the lyrics, “Never know what to do… Never know what to say… Never know if I have a place,” the overwhelming connotation speaks to someone who seems to be lost in the world or at least lost within them self, trying to find out who they are.  Those sentiments may or may not be true as far as the person Alii Michelle is but when it comes to being an artist, she has definitely found her space in this fickle music industry as a new shining talent.

With the release of her new single, “Never” from her solo project, “Away,” Alii is well on her way to capturing the hearts, minds, and ears of those beyond her loyal following with her Indie, Pop, Soul blend of music.  Produced  by Chris Rockaway, “Never” is one of those joints you would describe as “having a nice little groove to it.”  It’s a head nodding reflective piece that you can get lost in as you cruise down California’s Pacific Coast Highway, Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, or Houston’s Gulf Freeway.  “Never” will definitely have you pondering your yesterdays while simultaneously contemplating your personal presence in the present and what the unforeseen future has in store for you.

All in all, “Never” is a highly relatable groove delivered by Alii Michelle that definitely leaves you intrigued, mystified, and wanting to know more about the Houston native.  While the lyrics, “Sometimes I say to myself, I need to just let go, can’t always be so cautious, this fear is my home,” speak volumes about the uncomfortable comfort of fear that lives within most of us, I can say that the only fear Alii Michelle needs to worry about is how to handle the success that is on the horizon.



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