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What Neighborhood will Big Boy end up in?


The Big Boy story is so huge it has made TMZ and many national news outlets. I am still trying to palate that he was offered a whopping 3.5 Million dollars even in the number 2 market.  Perhaps I have been so inundated hearing about black jocks losing their incomes, homes and struggling to make money and get back into the radio game after 40 that I can’t wrap my brain around this. This is what I call massive leverage. I’m beyond sure nobody else will point this out but this is absolutely unheard of for a black jock working on one station in 2015. Big Boy literally has broken all the rules that black jocks have been taught over the last 40 years. You have to pay your dues and work your way up the market latter? I don’t think so. You can only work in Urban radio? I don’t think so. Power 106, a rhythmic station, is his FIRST radio gig and out of all of his predecessors over the last 25 years, I have to admit, he is the best at what he does and he is very talented. The only previous host on Power mornings that I recall had a substantial amount of radio experience was Jay Thomas, who also had a successful acting career and currently hosts a show on Sirius radio.

Is this a Publicity Stunt whoever came up with it is a genius

Big Boy’s syndicated show failed with programmers across the board pointing to one problem with the show that could have saved the show had it been tweaked but I am confident he is the best at what he does because he was not restricted and controlled. In addition Power 106 went hard on a campaign to promote him and he allowed listeners into his world and he was fully cooperative with no shame even when he was 500 pounds he posed on a huge billboard in Hollywood that almost caused accidents but he has always been outrageously confident. This situation could literally open the door again for another shot at doing a nationally syndicated show with Big Boy having more creative control, raising Big Boy’s payday to even greater heights. Could iHeartMedia have offered him an opportunity to syndicate again as part of the move? They certainly have more stations than Emmis. Finally, if this is a publicity stunt whoever came up with it is a genius.


As stated, I don’t know of one single black jock in the ENTIRE industry working on one station that makes that kind of money, but when I gave it some thought, I know of at least 15 white jocks who make at least that much if not a lot more. Frank Ski did a piece on how the average black jock in radio makes $35,000 a year. We are talking about people who have been at it for DECADES some who are well into their 40s and STILL waiting for full-time.  I am absolutely not blaming the radio corporations, they are running a business and your destiny is not in THEIR hands, it should be in yours.  If a situation is not working for you and you stay waiting for someone else to open a door for you, you are wasting your, life, career and time. If the Big Boy story is not enough to motivate you to exercise your options, talents and leverage to reach greater heights, than my job is done and I quit. On one end, this means it IS possible for black jocks to earn that kind of income in radio but only if you leave ALL your options open. Most likely, he will end up back on Power who I am told had the first right of refusal (or first right of match). I have the court docs and I started to post but it’s 30 pages. I can’t figure out which iHeartMedia outlet he is in negotiations with but it’s most likely Hot 92.3, a station with a great signal that could certainly use his help or perhaps Ryan Seacrest is ready to call it quits on KISS? At the end of the day, no matter where he lands, it’s great publicity for Big Boy and Power and I sincerely hope it’s inspiration for young urban jocks too.

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