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Drive-Thru Interview: March to the Rhythm of George Tandy Jr.

MARCH_GTJ_Cover_3_white(2)Some artists sit and hope that they will one day be able to live out their dreams and share their talents with the world.  Others go out there and just make it happen by any means necessary. George Tandy Jr. is of the latter. While working at Starbucks, he know exactly how Redline Media Group CEO, Cima liked his tea so he built a relationship with him just by brewing his beverage to perfection. Once he built up the courage , he slipped Cima a CD along with that tea and now we are here.

After moving to , FL  and under the direction of his , Candi Tandy, George Tandy Jr. honed his skills an instrumentalist and a vocalist. Impressed with the south Floridian spoken word scene, it was there that GTJ found his niche and a place to share his musical talents. Fast forward to today, Mr. Tandy is slated for success with his “soulternative” sound. His first soulful single “March” is just a small taste of this young man’s talent. His true , abilities, and focus will be on display once he drops his , “The Foundation.”

We had the chance to catch up with the new “Soulternative” sensation and ask him about how he intends to use his gift and what has he learned about the industry thus far.


george tandy1RADIOFACTS: One thing I hate to do is pigeon hole an artist and it seems as if you feel the same because you describe yourself as being a “Soulternative” artist. Tell us what does it mean to be a Soultervnative artist and do you think as a new artist, you need things of that nature to make yu stand out in an over saturated market. 

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