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All this for National Attention: Kanye Music Pulled from KHOP (yawn)

 width=Sucking up to listeners MODESTO – San Joaquin Valley radio station KHOP 95.1 has pulled rapper ’s music off its playlist on Monday.

DJ MoJo Roberts, who is also KHOP’s program director, said he made the decision after receiving a flood of calls from listeners on Monday. The callers were outraged over West’s rude interruption during singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

“We did a quick Twitter poll to see what people thought about banning his music, at least for the time being until this blows over. And everyone was for it,” Roberts told FOX40 Monday night. “And ever since we made the announcement that we’re Kanye-less through all of our music sweeps, listeners have just been crying out, saying, ‘Thank you very much. He totally deserved this.'”

As for how long the ban will last at KHOP, Roberts said that may depend on whether West gives Swift a proper apology.

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