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NAACP Kicks Off Major Event Targeting Justice and Equality In the African-American Community

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown

The Maryland State Conference naacp (MSC), one of the state’s leading champions of civil rights and social justice, will host its 74th Annual Convention on “All in for Justice and Equality.” The event, Oct. 24-25, is open to the general public. It will include workshops to address growing concerns regarding criminal justice, education, employment and housing. Attendees also will learn more about the NAACP’s key priorities and legislative proposals. Topics such as Common Core Education, School Disciplinary Reform and Racial Disparities in the Classroom will be discussed.

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown will join various state, county and local officials at the Freedom Fund banquet on Friday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. where award recipients will include: Maryland State Delegate Jolene Ivey for the Kweisi Mfume Excellence in Advocacy Award; Kaila Hall for the Youth Leadership/Service Award; Dr. Vernon Gray for the Parren J. Mitchell Humanitarian Award; Dr. Rhonda Jones for the Education Visionary Leadership Award; Marylin Pierce for the Enolia P. McMillan Women in the naacp Award; Wandra Ashley-Williams for the Hanley James Norment President’s Award; and The Coca-Cola Company for the Corporate Award.

This year’s top sponsors for the convention are Verizon and the Baltimore Orioles.

Some of MSC’s recent accomplishments include a repeal of the Maryland death penalty, passage of the Maryland Dream Act and an increase in the minimum wage – all of which were first addressed during previous conventions. This year’s attendees will continue to fight for change, enhance minority communities and recognize outstanding leaders.

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