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Musician Raymond Jones has Died


 width=Veteran music writer A. Scott Galloway posted the news on FaceBook yesterday that Raymond Jones: Composer, Producer, Keyboardist, Musical Director, Poet, Babysitter, Provacateur, Visionary, Doer, Brother, Friend had passed. No details were given on Jones’ death except that he had been ill.

Galloway stated: “I lost a very special cat today: Raymond Jones. Blessed to have shared priceless moments as a friend, fan, project partner, artist/journalist and mutual admirer of Music’s Global Masters. He challenged me with his BIG ideas, welcomed me into his home, played his piano just for me. Gonna miss his rants. He deserved better than what was returned him…”


RAYMOND JONES is a musician, composer, writer, producer, recording artist and engineer.

Born and raised in NYC, RAYMOND began his professional career in high school. He performed with Latin groups in the NYC area learning the traditional Latin styles of music. “The clave (Latin pulse) is in everything I do musically. I can’t go against clave to this day,” RAYMOND insists.

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  1. Our last conversation together was about how much of a blessing our gig at Wilson’s was to each other so many years ago! God Bless you Raymond! I really appreciate you brother!

  2. I’ve had the priveledge to work with Raymond an amazing writer/musician/producer. I hope he will be remembered for his great works and kind spirit. Peace and Blessings to his family and friends

  3. There is no sadness today only the joy of knowing that G-d put us in the same place many times over the years in and on different projects, he has stood by me through hard times and was very clear about things I needed to really look at.
    In my fight for my son Donovan Drayton Raymond never moved and helped in anyway he could.There are just to many fun times and powerful ones of the music just flowing off the stage or off the tape decks. I will use the wisdom and keen mental he dropped on me to go forward. You know he had such a funny laugh I can hear him saying I’m alright take care of yourself.
    Only The Body Dies
    Love ya bro
    Ronny Drayton

  4. Simply an amazing mind and musician. I had the privilege of knowing and working with him.
    I’m stunned by his death and wished we had worked together even more extensively. Sorry we didn’t get to do that Miles Davis project but you can show him just how brilliant you are. Godspeed my brother.

  5. Raymond cared about so many and so much. Never making a judgement in a negative about anyone. Giving all the benefit and willing to listen. He valued his friends and was always trying to help us stay on top of the game of life. He enjoyed his private time, just a cool spirit. I wished I had stayed more in touch with him lately. We were planning to do a benefit show right up to the end. This is a shock for me as well. RIP My FRIEND!!!! You are missed already.

  6. Raymond started a record company once and called me to be the head of promotions and only promotions manager. He called it Big Deal Records……While in LA at dinner one night I asked Ray why did he choose the name Big Deal Records ?? His replay was when people found out that Raymond Jones had a record company their replay would be BIG DEAL………lol

    That was my buddy Ray

    I miss you my friend !!

  7. Just want to say that Raymond was a legendary musician and a true prodigy from Jamaica Queens. I have always been proud of the musical projects he produced as they showcased the talents of a musical giant. I will miss his warm smile and gentle nature.

    I send out condolences to his sister Marcia and the family for this truly great loss. I want to encourage them to know that their son was called home to do a more mighty work.

  8. I’m still having a hard time believing that my buddy is gone. Raymond was a funny man full of laughter and jokes. I’ll never forget once out in L.A. went to lunch, me thinking we are going to a nice big restaurant and we ended up going to this little whole in the wall Jamican place with a $6.99 buffet. I think I laughed all the way through lunch and so did he! Fun times. You will be missed my friend! R.I.P.

  9. Raymond Jones is the most considerate gentleman. he is and will always be in my heart. I love him. I m so sorry that we never made it out to Atlanta to see his new home or the Boom Boom Room he created there. We also did not see him the last time he was in LA in June. We were supposed to go out to dinner but did not because he left a wee bit earlier than expected so we said we’d see him in Atlanta over the summer. I hope that you had a great time on that “Special” vacation that you said you were taking in June Raymond.

  10. My condolences to Raymond’s family. I worked with Raymond in the mid-seventies with Ecstasy – Passion & Pain. I knew then that he was a great talent and destined for good things. He will be missed.

  11. i will miss Raymond dearly, he was a mentor,a big brother,and close friend for 30 years. me like so many others ray gave me my beginnings in the record business. He instilled in me a strong work ethic of high standards. A Raymond story for you, we were working on a project in his studio when he lived in woodland hills, and we took a break and went to the store to buy dinner, so as we were
    walking, raymond was on one of his rants about his lovely neighborhood. as we noticed one of the store workers following us, before we knew it they (the worker) was before us asking? “may i help you?” raymond then replied yes! do you have a million dollars? the clerk said no, raymond in true form replied ” i guess you can’t help”. we laughed all the way out the store. that was my friend Raymond Jones. I MISS YOU BRO.

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